Know our company

We’ve been a part of exchange market in Szczecin for 25 years already. Despite many changes in the last decade, we’re the oldest exchange operating in the same place at Turzyn Market. Our operation and cooperation with others lets us offer the best exchange rates.

Passion and professional experience

Talar Exchange is not only about money. Our philosophy is all about perfection and passion. Everybody knows that while doing something with appreciation, we do it better. That’s how our professional team operates! Competitive exchange rates of foreign currencies are proof of many years of practice. That is why you can easily save few cents.

Reliability, trust and quality – these are our virtues!

Our regular customers happily come back to us. They see us a trusted company with high level of services. By creating our own reputation, we’re an exchange, which adjusts to market’s needs.
In order to follow the trends, we’ve created for you a website on which you can check our current currency prices, exchange rates from the last 7 days and to follow them.